Techniques for and Consequences of Packet Filtering, Interception, and Mangling

Wednesday, May 06 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Minneapolis Grand Ballroom Salon G, Third Floor
Session Type: Professional Development

Often in response to immediate threats of abuse and resource exhaustion, our networks have changed fundamentally. What has been the effect of these changes on protocols, network operations, applications, and information security. As the focus has shifted from interconnection to security, what have we gotten? We characterize various forms of packet filtering, inception and mangling that have fundamentally changed our networks. For some who have never known a world without NATs, packet shapers, or intrusion prevention systems, this is part history. For all, it is a call for reflection and careful consideration about where we decide to go and what to do next.

OUTCOMES: Understand the effect certain network technologies and techniques are having on campus networks * Make better informed decisions about network infrastructure changes * Appreciate how security and networking often collide and cooperate in practice and in theory


  • John Kristoff

    Network Architect, DePaul University

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