Charting a Course through the Stormy Seas of Your Institution's High-Risk Data

Wednesday, April 11 | 4:00PM–5:00PM ET | Maryland Ballroom F, Fifth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Research data, CUI, PII: the high seas of our institutions' data are fraught with risk and swell with opportunity. As information security professionals, we are increasingly called on to chart a course through turbulent waters, delivering valuable data safely to port. In this session, you will learn about Princeton's high-risk data risk assessment and gain actionable, practical knowledge about a methodology and tools developed by a cross-functional team of IT audit and HR information systems specialists that you can use to assess and reduce the risk throughout the entire life cycle of high-risk data used every day at your institution.

Outcomes: Demonstrate the value of partnering with campus constituents to understand the full lifecycle of high-risk data to enable the application of specific and actionable risk reduction opportunities * Perform a high-risk data risk assessment at your institution by adapting a tested and well-developed methodology and approach * Evangelize and demonstrate the value of identifying potential cognitive biases to solving highly complex information security and risk management challenges


  • Christopher Oswald

    Associate Director, IT Audit, Princeton University

Resources & Downloads

  • Charting a Course through the Stormy Seas Slides

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