Corporate Directory

Looking to learn more about the latest technology to serve your campus needs? Contact our participating companies for information.

Note: Directory lists are provided as a service for conference attendees. Data provided in these lists may not be harvested, sold, incorporated into any type of database, used to generate mailing lists, or employed for any promotional purpose.

Akamai Technologies
Participation: Corporate Display
Ken Klestinec, Akamai SLED Manager
[email protected], 619-224-3108
Product Categories: Access Control; Cloud Security; Firewalls

Cambridge Computer
Participation: Preconference Workshop
Karen King, Higher Ed Liasion
[email protected], 781-250-3242
Product Categories: Data Security; Network Security; Security Assessment

Cisco Cloud Security
Participation: Corporate Display; Presentation
Brenton Newell, Cisco Cloud Cybersecurity Sales, SLED US, Regional Manager
[email protected], 617-851-5549
Product Categories: Cloud Security; Data Security; Threat Intelligence

Cisco Systems, Gold Partner
Participation: Corporate Display
Chris Connelly, Area Leader, US Public Sector Cybersecurity
[email protected], 904-239-7878
Product Categories: Incident Management and Response; Security Architecture; Threat Intelligence

Participation: Happy Hour Meet-Up Reception Sponsor
Public Sector Sales
[email protected], 703-599-4896
Product Categories: Cloud Security; Incident Management and Response; Threat Intelligence

Deloitte, Bronze Partner
Participation: Presentation; Thursday General Session Sponsor
Mark Ford, Principal, Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory, Higher Education sector leader
[email protected], 313-394-5313
Product Categories: Data Governance; Risk Management; Security Advisory and Consulting

Dropbox, Silver Partner
Participation: Mobile App Sponsor
Marshall Kurtz, Industry Principal, Education
[email protected], 215-285-7468
Product Categories: Asset Management; Data Management

Participation: Corporate Display; Presentation
North America Regional Higher Ed Sales
[email protected], 888-228-4655
Product Categories: Intrusion Detection and Prevention; Network Security; Security Architecture

Epson, Silver Partner
Participation: Projector Sponsor

Participation: Game Night Sponsor; Notepad/Pen Sponsor
Tom Gosse, Director
[email protected], 603-556-0718
Product Categories: Network Security; Security Management; Threat Intelligence

Fischer International Identity, Bronze Partner
Participation: Hotel Welcome Letter Sponsor
Chuck Donnelly, Vice President of Field Operations
[email protected], 239-643-1500
Product Categories: Access Control; Cloud Security; Identity and Access Management

Participation: Hotel Door Drop Sponsor; Thursday Breakfast Sponsor
Mitchell Wright, Director Field Marketing
[email protected], 415-599-1100
Product Categories: Authentication; Federated Identity Management; Identity and Access Management

Participation: Wednesday Lunch and Roundtable Sponsor
Sowjanya O'Neill, Senior Manager
[email protected], 703-651-6198
Product Categories: Application Security; Cloud Security; Firewalls

Participation: Corporate Display; Presentation
Tom McKeown, Senior Sales Manager
[email protected], 203-659-0343
Product Categories: Incident Management and Response; Intrusion Detection and Prevention; Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Participation: Corporate Display
LastPass Sales
[email protected], 844-774-3581
Product Categories: Cloud Security; Identity and Access Management; Password/Passphrase Management

Participation: Happy Hour Meet-Up Reception Sponsor
Jennifer Svensson, Director, Higher Education
[email protected], 301-335-3561
Product Categories: Mobile Security; Network Security; Threat Intelligence

Participation: Corporate Display
David Waugh, Vice President of Sales
[email protected], 303-415-3643
Product Categories: Application Security; Cloud Security; Data Security

Moran Technology Consulting, Gold Partner
Participation: Corporate Display
Scott Weyandt, Director, IT Security, and Infrastructure
[email protected], 312-320-0035
Product Categories: Identity and Access Management; Information Security Program Development; Security Assessment

Participation: Corporate Display; Wednesday General Session Sponsor
Christine Johnston, Account Executive
[email protected], 415-528-5342
Product Categories: Cloud Security; Identity and Access Management

Palo Alto Networks
Participation: Corporate Display; Happy Hour Meet-Up Reception Sponsor; Print Program Ad Sponsor
Taylor Roden, Marketing Coordinator
[email protected], 703-581-6568
Product Categories: Firewalls; Network Security; Threat Intelligence

Participation: Corporate Display
Tim Hubbard, Sales Manager
[email protected], 857-990-4323
Product Categories: Application Security; Data Management; Incident Management and Response

SailPoint Technologies
Participation: Corporate Display; Presentation
Kathleen Baker, Senior Manager, AMS Field Marketing
[email protected], 650-454-4632
Product Categories: Data Governance; GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); Identity and Access Management

Salty Cloud
Participation: Corporate Display
Andrew Scheifele, Co-Founder
[email protected], 512-222-9711
Product Categories: Asset Management; IT Risk Assessment; Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Participation: Corporate Display
Jung Park, National Business Development Director
[email protected], 425-829-4122
Product Categories: Authentication; Encryption; Network Security

Participation: Corporate Display
Steven Rich, Director, North American Public Sector
[email protected], 480-582-8724
Product Categories: Cloud Security; Incident Management and Response; Security Management

Participation: Preconference Workshop
Chris Arold, Senior Vice President, Higher Education Sales
[email protected], 973-944-0626
Product Categories: Data Security; GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); GRC Tools

Participation: Corporate Display; Presentation
Richard Seidner, Higher Education Business Development Manager, Public Sector
[email protected], 215-378-4110
Product Categories: GRC Tools; Security Management; Security Metrics

Participation: Totebag Sponsor
Lindsey Geist, Marketing Manager
[email protected], 503-804-9656
Product Categories: Asset Management; Incident Management and Response; Information Security Governance

TDI Security
Participation: Wednesday Breakfast Sponsor
Jesse Dean, Senior Director of Solutions
[email protected], 202-470-3721
Product Categories: CInformation Security Program Development; IT Risk Assessment; Security Advisory and Consulting

Participation: Corporate Display
Joe Farkas, National SME Sales Manager, EDU and Non Profit Sales
[email protected], 312-470-8631
Product Categories: Network Security; PCI DSS; Vulnerability Assessment and Management

WTC Consulting
Participation: Lunch and Roundtable Sponsor
Ron Rutherford, Director of Marketing
[email protected], 213-689-5309
Product Categories: Security Advisory and Consulting; Security Assessment; Security Planning

Participation: Corporate Display
Andy Lewis, Vice President, Business Development
[email protected], 703-593-2156
Product Categories: Incident Management and Response; Security Metrics; Security Operations

Participation: Corporate Display; Print Program Ad Sponsor
Byron Hemingway, Director of Education
[email protected], 844-205-6787
Product Categories: Authentication; Data Privacy; Data Security

Participation: Hotel Room Key Sponsor
Chul Yim, Head of SLED and Public Healthcare
[email protected], 415-905-0619
Product Categories: Mobile Security; Threat Intelligence; Vulnerability Assessment and Management