FBI and REN-ISAC Briefing: New and Pervasive Threats in Cybersecurity

Thursday, April 12 | 1:00PM–2:00PM ET | Maryland Ballroom E, Fifth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Ransomware, phishing, and business email compromise still threaten institutional information and resources. Old and new exploits become weaponized and released daily. DDOS attacks interrupt business. New threats are constantly emerging. It's difficult to cut through the FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) to understand current risks and develop appropriate risk management strategies. This session will provide you with a better understanding of the specific impacts of current cyberthreats around the world and as they relate to the research and the education sector. We will present an overview of major threat actors, malware, malicious events, and possible targets including new areas like IoT.

Outcomes: Be able to direct campus-based intrusion prevention and detection activities with intelligence and analysis about threats * Demonstrate a greater understanding of the current threat landscape * Conduct improved risk management targeted to threats


  • Laz Andino

    Supervising Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Kim Milford

    Executive Director, REN-ISAC, Indiana University