Using Analytics to Prevent PeopleSoft Security Threats

Wednesday, April 11 | 2:45PM–3:45PM ET | Maryland Ballroom E, Fifth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Enterprise data security professionals understand that identifying potential cybercrime hinges on the ability to spot trends within data. Successful cybercriminals have all the time in the world to formulate their strategy, gather what they need to access your system, and take what they want. Unfortunately, you don't have unlimited time to stop them. Learn how GreyHeller's PeopleSoft Security Analytics software visualizes the data trends that tell the story of how, where, and by whom your data is being accessed. Access volume by IP geographic location, access trends by data sensitivity and user privilege level, and more.

Explore the specific access trends that can indicate a possible security threat * Learn how data visualization can be leveraged to look for potential policy violations and data compliance issues * Understand how you can leverage your PeopleSoft data to indicate possible page and workflow performance issues


  • Greg Wendt

    Executive Director, Security Solutions, Pathlock