Agile Strategy for InfoSec

Wednesday, May 15 | 2:20PM–3:20PM CT | Vevey 3, Second Floor Event Centre
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
The winds of information security are ever shifting, but many of us are chained to rigid strategic planning processes with immutable budgets and accountability via Gannt chart, if we have a process at all. I will present my experiences using a different tack: strategic planning for infosec that builds on agile principles, higher education culture, and some basic leadership and management philosophy. "Builds on" is of course a euphemism for "I have no new ideas." To that end, come share your ideas, and let's talk about how to change strategic planning from an annual obligation to a critical component of your security program.

Outcomes: Understand basic agile principles and how they apply to strategic planning for infosec * Understand the key components of an agile infosec strategy for higher ed * Compare your strategic planning experiences against your peers and understand how you can work collectively to improve


  • Brian Smith-Sweeney

    Chief Information Security Officer, Columbia University