Protecting User Accounts from Compromise: The Growing Higher Education Challenge

Tuesday, May 14 | 2:45PM–3:45PM CT | Vevey 4, Second Floor Event Centre
Session Type: Breakout Session
For higher education institutions, student and staff email accounts offer convenience, but they also expose the school to cybercrime. Criminals know institutions are slow to implement account takeover (ATO) prevention strategies, making them a prime target. The University of Oklahoma took a proactive step to leverage automation and quality data to identify and analyze exposed credentials to determine their threat level and the best course of action. We'll discuss why ATO is such a big problem at the institutional level, effective prevention strategies, and how OU is able to catch exposures before criminals do harm.

Outcomes: Discover the steps and technologies required to prevent ATO * Learn how to bring automation into your organization to speed detection and remediation * Experience a live demo of protecting account exposure within Active Directory


  • Aaron Baillio

    CISO, University of Oklahoma
  • Chip Witt

    Head of Product Strategy and Customer Success, SpyCloud Inc