Program & Event Experience

Balancing Humanity and Technology: AI in the Classroom

In a world increasingly influenced by technology, the online EDUCAUSE teaching and Learning Symposium celebrates the essence of our shared humanity through the powerful mediums of collective learning and storytelling. Inspiring plenary sessions, collaborative design sessions, and playful networking will anchor us in our shared humanness while exploring the transformative potential - and accompanying risks - of AI in the higher education classroom. Join your teaching and learning colleagues to explore topics such as:

  • How can AI create capacity in the design and delivery of instruction and assessment? 

  • What innovative assessment and teaching strategies leverage AI and lead to the advancement of critical and creative thinking skills?

  • How might AI be utilized to increase personalization while extending connection? 

  • How might faculty development approaches need to shift in response to new generative AI tools?’

  • How can we meaningfully engage student voices in the development of AI strategy and guidelines?

  • How do we humanize the teaching and learning experience in an increasingly digitized and AI-enhanced teaching and learning environment?

  • What policies or guidelines are emerging related to generative AI in the classroom? 

  • How do data and digital literacy play a role in the ethics of AI in the classroom?

  • What are the equity considerations in the use of AI in teaching and learning?

Event Experience

Jumpstart Learn and Design Test and Reflect

Jumpstart your event experience by exploring EDUCAUSE resources on AI and engage your team to define specific AI opportunities and challenges on your campus.

Learn and Design sessions include a brief live presentation that is followed by a structured, participatory design session. Participants will gather in small groups, working together to develop shared solutions that can be tested on campus.

Continue your learning as you extend the action plans developed during the conference by testing and reflecting with your colleagues. Share insights gained on EDUCAUSE Connect or meet and discuss at our upcoming QuickTalks.

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Recorded Sessions
Can’t join us live? Register to gain access to the recorded sessions and the Experience Guide so you can participate on your own time. In combination with the recorded sessions, the Experience Guide can be used locally to create collaborative design sessions with campus teams, from ideation to action plan. Learn and design with your colleagues - and then connect with the EDUCAUSE community in our AI community group or post session QuickTalk to share what you're learning.

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Fun Activities
We hope you'll take time to join us for some fun and games with your fellow attendees. More information coming soon!