Contingency Planning Virtual Event

Weathering the Storm: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery in Higher Education

Preparation is the key to weathering unexpected situations on campus such as IT security incidents, natural disasters, or human-caused incidents that interrupt institutional operations. No longer solely within the purview of information security staff, business continuity and disaster recovery planning are enterprise necessities.

Join us for this extended online event where we will review contingency response plan case studies, explore how to create and test contingency response plans, and collaboratively walk through a tabletop disaster recovery exercise.

By engaging in this online event, participants will:

  • Learn about contingency response plans such as incident response plans, business continuity plans, and disaster recovery plans
  • Understand the elements to include in a contingency response plan
  • Learn how to test institutional contingency response plans
  • Receive resources to host a campus contingency response plan tabletop exercise

Listen to an Audio Overview of the Content:


Is This Event for You?

This online event will bring together a variety of higher education information technology  professionals to explore institutional business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The session will be valuable for: CIOs and associate CIOs, CISOs and information security staff, CROs and risk management staff, Operational IT staff, or Public safety and institutional assurance staff.

You will receive the greatest value from this online session if you attend as a member of a team or host a group event on your campus. By sharing a common learning experience, participants can reflect on the implications for their institution.

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