Wednesday, December 06 | 12:00PM–1:00PM ET | Online

Webinar | A+ Network Performance for the Connected Campus

This webinar is a part of the EDUCAUSE Industry Insights series.

The network has never been as critical to the mission of higher education as it is now. From digital and distance learning to accommodating a myriad of student devices to supporting burgeoning IoT services, a high-performing network helps institutions like Davidson-Davies Community College serve students and their communities more effectively. At the same time, networks are becoming more complex and distributed while facing relentless budget and staffing pressures.

Thus, it is important that network management become more agile and adaptable while also being user-friendly. In this webinar, you’ll learn about how cloud-based network monitoring and management can help colleges and universities, including Davidson-Davies Community College, achieve A+ network performance even as demands increase. Join Donald Beck, Director of Information Technology, Davidson-Davie Community College and Nolan Greene, Product Marketing Manager, Auvik as they discuss proven strategies for better network outcomes in the face of resource constraints, staffing shortages, and insatiable demands for connectivity.


  • Learn how distributed higher education networks achieve better performance and reliability with cloud-based network monitoring and management
  • Accommodate network boundaries that extend far beyond the campus gates
  • Reduce network troubleshooting times while empowering junior technicians
  • Understand how automated network discovery is a requirement for digitally transforming campus networks


  • Donald Beck

    Director, ITS, Davidson-Davie Community College
  • Nolan Greene

    Product Marketing Manager, Auvik

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