Monday, March 04 | 2:00PM–3:00PM ET | Online

Webinar | Why Oklahoma State Outsourced Its ResNet

This webinar is a part of the EDUCAUSE Industry Insights series.

For today’s students, reliable, high-performing Wi-Fi is not a luxury. It’s a necessity―almost as essential as the air they breathe. Students depend on Wi-Fi for everything from classwork and homework to entertainment and socializing. Campus IT and housing leaders understand the strategic value of providing blazing-fast, reliable Wi-Fi service to enhance the student experience. Offloading residential Wi-Fi services and support helps campus leaders meet and exceed student expectations and frees up their time to focus on strategic projects and innovation.

In this webinar, Oklahoma State University (OSU) Network and Telecommunications Manager Jay Lively, OSU Housing Director Dr. Leon McClinton, Jr., and Apogee Campus Chief Information Officer David Hinson will discuss the University’s journey to outsourcing its residential Wi-Fi, the challenges along the way, and how this change has improved the student and staff experience.


  • Understand the factors that led OSU to outsource its residential Wi-Fi.
  • Review the impact on the student and staff experience.
  • Summarize the challenges of outsourcing and hear how OSU overcame them.
  • Learn how outsourcing can eliminate the pain of annual budgeting, equipment refreshes, and student complaints and allow the IT and Housing teams to focus on strategic projects and innovation.

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  • David Hinson

    Campus CIO, Apogee
  • Leon McClinton

    Director of Housing and Residential Life, Oklahoma State University

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