Seminar 01F - From Question to Action: Creating In-House Surveys as a Part of Data-Driven Decision Making (separate registration required)

Tuesday, October 15 | 9:00AM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 213D
Session Type: Professional Development
Many IT organizations use in-house surveys as a source of data to guide departmental planning. However, the ease of use of online tools can mask the difficulty of creating effective surveys. In this seminar, participants will learn the proper steps to create in-house surveys, evaluate those surveys in the context of other data collection choices, and turn data into action. We will walk participants through the steps of building surveys, from problem formulation and study design through data collection. Seminar attendees will gain experience with writing clear and useful questions, using effective sampling strategies and maximizing response rates. Participants will learn to identify other sources of important data, including third-party surveys and industry trends, and combine these as part of a holistic assessment approach. Finally, attendees will learn to use data to develop a business case and to effectively communicate changes and results with their campus constituents.


  • Dave Consiglio

    Director of Assessment & Learning Spaces / Director of MISO Survey, Bryn Mawr College
  • Gentry Holbert

    Director, Library & Information Resource Services, Spring Hill College
  • Jeff Overholtzer

    Director of Project Management and Planning, Mary Baldwin University
  • Maureen Scoones

    Associate Director, LITS Finance & Resources, Hamilton College

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