AI for Personalized Learning and Secure Infrastructure in Higher Education

Wednesday, October 18 | 10:30AM–10:50AM ET
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: Simulive Presentation

Join us for a fireside chat featuring Kemal Badur, CTO of the University of Chicago; Jason Maslanka, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Innovation and CTO of the University of Illinois Chicago; and Ravi Malick, CIO of Box. This session will explore how AI-driven content recommendations enhance personalized learning experiences in higher education institutions. The speakers will discuss practical-use cases where AI optimizes resource allocation, cybersecurity measures, and network management within IT infrastructures on college campuses.

They will also delve into ethical considerations to uncover when implementing AI systems in areas such as admissions processes, grading practices, and student support services to ensure fairness and transparency. Learn about cutting-edge advancements in analytics driven by AI technology that empower higher education CIOs with data-driven decision-making capabilities to improve student outcomes and operational efficiency across campus environments while maintaining a human-centric approach alongside technological integration. Topics discussed include exploring how AI-powered content recommendations revolutionize personalized learning experiences; discovering practical use cases where AI optimizes resource allocation and enhances cybersecurity; and uncovering ethical considerations when adopting AI systems for fair and transparent practices.


  • Kemal Badur

    Chief Technology Officer, University of Chicago
  • Ravi Malick

    SVP & Global CIO, Box Inc
  • Jason Maslanka

    Chief Technology Officer / AVC for Innovation, University of Illinois Chicago

Resources & Downloads

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    Updated on 10/3/2023