Reimagining Hybrid Classes for Student Success with Affordable Technology and Engaging Pedagogy

Thursday, October 19 | 10:10AM–10:30AM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Simulive Presentation
Hybrid classrooms are the “new normal” of course delivery as students increasingly prefer and expect flexibility. However, the average instructor experiences technological and pedagogical barriers to creating a hybrid learning environment that fosters engagement equity and student success. This production trial of a Hybrid (Flex) class designed by Campus Reimagined at Florida State University demonstrates how to create an inclusive hybrid learning environment in any classroom with affordable technology (Microsoft Teams Room, tracking cameras); portable infrastructure (pop-up walls, modular lighting); and pedagogical techniques that create a student-centered learning experience that is inclusive and engaging for all participants.


  • Sean Brown

    Dir Strategy and Operations- Campus Reimagined, Florida State University
  • Solveig Brown

    Research Lead, Campus Reimagined Initiative, Florida State University