The Research to Practice Cycle: Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Learning

Thursday, October 19 | 11:00AM–11:45AM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Facilitated Discussion
Research-informed practice is a critical element of higher education, but building bridges between siloed researchers, practitioners, designers, and decision makers is a persistent challenge. EDUCAUSE and the Online Learning Consortium invite you to participate in this critical conversation exploring both the challenges and opportunities in this space. Yes, we mean YOU! Whether you’re someone who researches, uses, supports, designs, or selects educational technology tools for postsecondary settings, your contribution to this conversation is essential. Together, we will explore questions related to ways researchers can share findings with practitioners and decision makers, challenges stakeholders face when looking for research to support decisions about educational technology, opportunities for practitioners to provide substantive feedback to designers to improve new and existing tools, and more. Emergent themes from this discussion session will be communicated broadly to the EDUCAUSE and OLC communities in the coming months.


  • Dylan Barth

    Director of Professional Learning, Online Learning Consortium
  • Angela Gunder

    Chief Academic Officer, Online Learning Consortium
  • Jenay Robert

    Senior Researcher, EDUCAUSE