Elevate Your Game: How to Propose, Design, and Deliver a Fantastic Conference Session

Wednesday, March 28 | 9:30AM–11:15AM | Zurich C
Session Type: Professional Development
Speaking at a conference is a major career and professional development milestone. This session will help you put together a game plan to create an outstanding conference session. We'll provide practical takeaways and tips on the entire life cycle of a conference presentation, including submitting a winning proposal, designing your talk and supporting visuals, creating engaging strategies, and promoting your session, as well guidance on public speaking and what to do after the conference. Come with an idea for a conference presentation and leave with a plan on how to move forward with it. Whether you're taking the plunge and presenting for the first time or you've been speaking at conferences for years, this session can help you kick your presentation skills up a notch and make your next conference presentation a truly memorable event.