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The 2024 Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference is taking place in Minneapolis, MN, May 1–3.

This is the premier forum to showcase your brand, latest solutions, and industry expertise, and connect with hundreds of higher education cybersecurity and privacy professionals, including chief information security and privacy officers, CIOs, and other senior IT professionals from across the nation.

Ready to participate? Visit our shopping cart to select and purchase participation opportunities. If you have any questions about the conference or other ways to engage with EDUCAUSE, please contact our corporate team.

Shopping Cart

New for 2024: Because of the popularity of this event, there was an order in which past-participants and other interested companies could purchase participation opportunities (selection was based on member status and cumulative spend over the past three years of participation in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference, sorted high to low for members; nonmember selection took place after members). Selections began in mid-January based on the order above.

All opportunities come with a complimentary attendee address list of those that opt in to receive a promotional piece from your organization. The list is provided upon request by your organization's primary logistics contact once your promotional piece has been reviewed and approved by EDUCAUSE. Sponsorships come with additional benefits (noted below).

Corporate Display Sold

Demo your latest products and services and network with an audience that's eager for your solutions. Tabletop displays will be set up on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 in a ballroom with institutional posters, where refreshment breaks occur. EDUCAUSE provides a 6' table, 2 chairs, wireless access, and basic electricity.

Opportunity Price Inclusions
Corporate Display $4,200 members
$5,200 nonmembers
One complimentary full-conference registration

Industry Insights Presentations (Limited Availability) Sold

Our corporate community is invited to conduct presentations on future directions, best practices, stories of successful collaborations, or solutions to community-wide issues within various program tracks.

These 45-minute presentations must be educational in nature and conducted in partnership with at least one presenter from a higher education institution or via a small, diverse panel-type session with four presenters/panelists max.

Conference Theme

Reducing Friction While Embracing Shifting Landscapes. Learn, explore, and share ways to address cybersecurity and privacy challenges across higher education.

Conference Tracks

Policies that surround cybersecurity and privacy are becoming more complex as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) issues are on the increase in higher education information technology. This track will encompass areas of leadership, organizational compliance and operation of an institution's GRC programs now and in the future.

This track will explore the ways privacy enables individuals and organizations through privacy programs, assessment of privacy risk, use of privacy engineering and embedding privacy by design, and the role privacy plays in the effective governance and management of data.

Cybersecurity awareness, training, education, and communications are critical components of successful information security and privacy programs. The Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Conference Track is a specialized segment within our conference that delves deep into the strategies, tactics, and methodologies necessary for creating and managing cybersecurity and privacy awareness programs that genuinely empower faculty, staff, and students. This track seeks to answer the pressing questions of how to not only build and staff these programs but also strategically operate them while avoiding the pitfalls of superficial compliance to meet cyber liability insurance requirements.

What best practices and technologies shape your privacy and cybersecurity operations? This track allows you to share what you are doing to prevent, detect, assess, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats, privacy violations, and incidents. Share the strategies for cybersecurity and privacy controls and safeguards that are being implemented at your institution to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of institutional data.

Today's cybersecurity and privacy workforce requires continuous learning and professional development at all levels. This track allows you to share ideas and best practices for shaping and developing the next generation of our workforce, as well as sustaining, retaining, training, and creating leadership opportunities for current employees. We also want to hear about your ideas on recruiting new talent and supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belong among your teams.

Please note: If you submitted a presentation proposal through the call for proposals process, EDUCAUSE will be in touch in late-February with information regarding acceptance of your proposal. (Call for proposals will close January 29.)

Opportunity Price Inclusions
Industry Insights Presentation $4,100 members
$5,100 nonmembers
One complimentary full-conference registration

Gain invaluable exposure with current and prospective clients and be recognized for your support of the higher education community. Choose an opportunity below or combine opportunities for the greatest impact.

Sponsorships come with the following benefits (not included with presentations or exhibits):

  • Company logo on the event website and in marketing communications to thousands of potential attendees and registered attendees*
  • On-site signage with company logo and logo in general session walk-in slides*
  • One complimentary full-conference registration for access to all event sessions and activities

* Logo recognition may not be included in all EDUCAUSE marketing communications and instead, may be on rotation based on total number of sponsors.

Conference Sessions and Activities

Be recognized at some of the most high-traffic activities at the event.

Opportunity Price Inclusions
Breakfast Thursday: $2,950 Sold
Friday: $2,950 Sold
Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration
Lunch Thursday: $2,950 Sold Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration
General Session
General sessions are highly promoted prior to the event and highly attended, giving your company maximum brand exposure and visibility as a key supporter of EDUCAUSE.
Thursday: $3,500 Sold
Friday: $3,500 Sold
Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration

Recognition in the online agenda

Verbal recognition at the beginning of the general session
Game Night
Following dinner, host game night with attendees. You can brand the room, provide beverages and snacks, and join in on the fun.
Thursday: $2,950 Sold Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration

6' table where you can display and distribute giveaway items (sponsor-provided giveaways)

Optional: Beverages and snacks (sponsor-provided)
Happy Hour Meet-Up

Be one of three companies to host a 75-minute meet-up, complete with passed appetizers and drinks. Your company can choose to brand the room and/or provide informal programming. This is a great opportunity to network in a relaxed setting with conference attendees and make valuable connections.
$9,500 member Sold
$10,500 nonmember Sold
Sponsor recognition

Three complimentary full-conference registrations

Room and 6’ greeting table

Passed hors d’ouerves

100 drink tickets (beer/wine)

Conference Materials

Add your brand to popular resources carried by conference attendees.

Opportunity Price Inclusions
Mobile App $4,200 Sold Sponsor branding and tile on the main page of the app (tile includes a list of sponsor activities for the conference)

One push notification

One complimentary full-conference registration
Tote Bags
(Sponsor branded/produced)
$2,950 Sold Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration
(Sponsor branded/produced)
$2,950 Sold Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration
Hotel Room Keys $2,950 (plus production fees) Sold Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration

Scholarship Program

EDUCAUSE Scholarships are an extension of our commitment to those who lead, manage, and use technology to shape strategic decisions at every level within higher education.

If you, as an individual, corporation, foundation, or nonprofit organization desire to make a positive impact on the higher education thought leaders of tomorrow, explore contributing a tax-deductible donation to the EDUCAUSE Scholarships Program.

During the application process, applicants will identify the event they are interested in attending. Those that are selected will be awarded the registration fee for the event of interest.

Opportunity Price Inclusions
Scholarship Program $4,000 Sponsor recognition

One complimentary full-conference registration

Ready to Participate?

Stay tuned for additional information about the new selection process for the 2024 Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference in January. If you have questions in the meantime, contact our corporate team.

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