Programs and Tracks

Reducing Friction While Embracing Shifting Landscapes.

Learn, explore, and share ways to address cybersecurity and privacy challenges across higher education.

Join us at the Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference, where our higher education cybersecurity and privacy community will come together and reach for the sky to solve today’s most pressing challenges. This is the only higher ed event that gives participants a chance to network and discuss information security and privacy trends and issues with peers and corporate partners. The conference will feature just-in-time content to help our community reach new heights.

Program Tracks

Policies that surround cybersecurity and privacy are becoming more complex as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) issues are on the increase in higher education information technology. This track will encompass areas of leadership, organizational compliance and operation of an institution's GRC programs now and in the future.

This track will explore the ways privacy enables individuals and organizations through privacy programs, assessment of privacy risk, use of privacy engineering and embedding privacy by design, and the role privacy plays in the effective governance and management of data.

Cybersecurity awareness, training, education, and communications are critical components of successful information security and privacy programs. The Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Conference Track is a specialized segment within our conference that delves deep into the strategies, tactics, and methodologies necessary for creating and managing cybersecurity and privacy awareness programs that genuinely empower faculty, staff, and students. This track seeks to answer the pressing questions of how to not only build and staff these programs but also strategically operate them while avoiding the pitfalls of superficial compliance to meet cyber liability insurance requirements.

What best practices and technologies shape your privacy and cybersecurity operations? This track allows you to share what you are doing to prevent, detect, assess, monitor, and respond to cybersecurity threats, privacy violations, and incidents. Share the strategies for cybersecurity and privacy controls and safeguards that are being implemented at your institution to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of institutional data.

Today's cybersecurity and privacy workforce requires continuous learning and professional development at all levels. This track allows you to share ideas and best practices for shaping and developing the next generation of our workforce, as well as sustaining, retaining, training, and creating leadership opportunities for current employees. We also want to hear about your ideas on recruiting new talent and supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belong among your teams.

Conference Highlights

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    Premium programming on the latest trends in higher ed cybersecurity and privacy from experts and community peers

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    Numerous networking opportunities for meaningful connections

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    Access to innovative technology and solutions providers