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Executive Leaders Academy Details

The EDUCAUSE Executive Leaders Academy is a hybrid, cohort-based, immersive, and applied learning experience for higher education executive leaders or those actively seeking executive positions. This seven-month program begins with an in-person component at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (included in registration fee) and continues online, featuring experts and thought leaders in key areas throughout. (Note: Application required.)

Key Competencies

Gain insight into value-based leadership, coaching, personal brand, and engaging with the academy cohort.

  • Includes support for exploring your professional values, expanding your insight into the guiding principles that shape your leadership philosophy and approach, and laying the groundwork for a comprehensive and effective leadership foundation. Learn the principles of coaching, both as a coach and a recipient.

Understand and apply tools and ideas for successfully leading change initiatives at your institution.

  • Includes support to incorporate a systematic change approach into your leadership style, drawing insights from successful change initiatives. Promote diversity and inclusion within the change process and engage in meaningful discussions about areas requiring effective change leadership, such as integrating AI, data advancements, and other opportunities for change within higher education.

Explore collaboration frameworks, the power of leadership influence, and negotiation to advance institutional initiatives and strategic objectives.

  • Includes support for exploring collaboration models, and understanding effective frameworks that support synergy and cooperation. Understand how to build and leverage leadership influence, inspiring and guiding teams towards shared goals. Acquire strategic negotiation skills to navigate complexities and secure favorable outcomes.

Learn to build a data-empowered culture and leverage data analytics/intelligence to support institutional goals.

  • Includes support for effectively utilizing data analytics, encompassing national trends or local data related to finance, resource allocation, and institutional research. This support aids in addressing challenges and pursuing opportunities within your institution, fostering a data-empowered culture, and collaborating with key organizational data stakeholders.

Empower your leadership by exploring ways to increase your business acumen at the highest levels of the institution.

  • Includes support for Identifying business acumen skills for strategic efforts, developing a communication strategy for initiatives, and enhancing influence and business skills.

Review and reimagine your organization's current and future design and its relationship to the institution’s strategic goals.

  • Includes support for a systematic approach to shaping an organization for optimal effectiveness in attaining its goals and objectives. It involves strategic decision-making to align individuals, resources, and activities, culminating in a structure that fosters diversity, communication, efficiency, and adaptability and aligns with the organization's overarching strategy.

Reflect on your experience in the Academy and your ongoing leadership journey to formulate a comprehensive plan for sustained personal and professional development.

  • Includes support and guidance for identifying future growth opportunities, crafting strategies to cultivate a robust network of colleagues, pinpointing mentors and coaches, and formulating a plan to optimize your leadership brand.

Faculty Application

Interested in becoming a faculty member for an EDUCAUSE Institute? Learn more about the process here.

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