Conflict Resolution, Coaching, and Accountability: Developing Powerful Working Relationships

January 22, 29, February 1 and 8, 2024

Event Description

Join us for the Conflict Resolution, Coaching, and Accountability: Developing Powerful Working Relationships event, part of the EDUCAUSE Leadership Series. This event, led by facilitator, Shari Harley, MA, will take place over four weeks, with various opportunities to engage in synchronous, asynchronous and collaborative learning. During the event, participants will explore the following topics and more:

  • How to have successful difficult conversations by minimizing team member resistance and defensiveness during feedback sessions and difficult conversations.
  • Develop trust by creating an environment of candid dialogue that honors various work styles.
  • Practice positioning feedback, collaboration, and trust as pivotal drivers of team performance and engagement.
  • Packaging and delivering difficult messages by providing actionable feedback quickly, directly, and compassionately to enhance performance and preserve relationships.
  • Cultivating ongoing growth by creating systems and processes to ensure career conversations happen regularly throughout the year, rather than only during performance reviews.
  • Ongoing accountability and communication by implementing accountability processes to follow up on coaching and feedback conversations.

Throughout, participants will meet, share with, and learn from a cohort of higher education professionals and leaders for networking and conversation.

Throughout the event, participants will network, share with, and learn from a cohort of higher education professionals and leaders. Via structured discussions and activities, participants will:

  • Reflect, synthesize, and network, while discussing key issues with other professionals in the field; and
  • Develop relationships with others for ongoing conversation and ideation as they progress along their professional pathways

**NOTE: EDUCAUSE members can participate in one-on-one mentoring on our Connect platform at no cost.

Lead Facilitator

Laura PedrickShari Harley
Founder and President, Candid Culture

Shari Harley, MA runs Candid Culture, a training and consulting firm making it easier to communicate at work and bring candor back to the workplace. Before launching her business Shari led leadership development training for OppenheimerFunds, conducted customer service training for American Century Investments, and facilitated for Dale Carnegie Training. Shari is known globally as an engaging, fun, content-rich business speaker and trainer. She is the author of How to Say Anything to Anyone, has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master’s degree in Applied Communication from the University of Denver, where she served as an adjunct faculty member and has taught business leadership development courses. Shari’s practical approach to improving business relationships has led her to speak and train throughout the United States and in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Dubai and Australia.