Combining APIs and Open Standards for a Best-of-Breed Virtual Learning Environment

Wednesday, February 03 | 3:30PM–4:15PM | Texas Ballroom Foyer, Fourth Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
Over the past two years, UMUC successfully migrated from a homegrown LMS to a commercial one. During this process, both our content development practices and many custom teaching and learning tools built and assembled over the last decade had to be modernized or updated. This provided a good opportunity to rethink and rebuild the way we connect learning tools and content together using interoperability standards, API architectures, and other practices not previously available. Learn what worked, which pitfalls to avoid, and most importantly how to start thinking about doing the same at your university to lay the groundwork for your own next-generation digital learning environment.

OUTCOMES: Learn about challenges, implications, and new approaches to using disparate learning tools as part of a cohesive virtual learning environment experience * Identify practices that can help transition a current-state LMS to a more desired future state


  • George Kroner

    Solution Architect, Academic Technologies, University of Maryland Global Campus

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