6 Tips for Institutional Collaboration for Positive Teaching and Learning Outcomes

Tuesday, January 30 | 2:30PM–3:15PM CT | Preservation Hall, Second Floor
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Are you faced with a large complex project that requires multilayers of cross-institutional collaboration and support to be successful? Are you in the midst of implementing a project plan but are challenged by unexpected roadblocks? Penn State's Teaching and Learning with Technology team members will share how they approached a large project of moving from a customized 15-year-old legacy LMS to Canvas in 17 months. We will give you six tips in the form of strategies that should be considered when tackling large institutional projects. The team will highlight successes, challenges, roadblocks, and unexpected wins by implementing these strategies.

Outcomes: Reflect on a large project you are implementing or challenge you face from a current project * Discuss with other participants elements and strategies presented to apply to a current project * Select a resource from the presentation to implement in your current project


  • Tony Anderson

    Director of Information Technology, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Angie Dick

    Manager, Learning Design, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Terry O'Heron

    Director of Operations, Teaching & Learning w/Technology, The Pennsylvania State University