Programs and Tracks

The ELI Annual Meeting programming is derived from member-driven content organized. As a community, we are working to create a cohesive and connected environment for all students and instructors, and the ELI encourages you to share your work with your colleagues. There were several session types to choose from, such as pre-conference seminars, hands-on and interactive presentation sessions, and poster sessions.

Achieving Student Success through New Models of Learning

Together, we'll explore these and other questions:

  • How can we best engage our faculty and instructors, enabling them to innovate and discover successful approaches to support learners?
  • What new kinds of leadership are required for teaching and learning to support student success?
  • How do we rearchitect our learning environments to meet the needs of students and educators?
  • How can we best harness our learning data to inform our practice, while maintaining privacy?
  • What emerging technologies are best suited to enable progress toward increased student success?

2018 Annual Meeting Tracks

The 2017 ELI Key Issues, as voted on by over 930 community members, served as the basis for the thematic 2018 annual meeting tracks. We have synthesized the top key issues to form the set of thematic tracks listed below.: