Building an Initiative around Data Science and Learning

Tuesday, January 30 | 4:15PM–5:00PM CT | Galerie 2, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
The use of data to support learning is a relatively nascent field, particularly when exploring the use of data science techniques. This session will examine the trajectory of one data science initiative that began in 2013 as a small learning analytics project, grew to deploying university-wide data science applications, and now developing artificial intelligence (AI)–driven learning tools. The growth of the initiative will be articulated via projects (past, present, and future). This session will provide others interested in data science with a head start on how to navigate these emerging waters successfully and harness data to empower learning.

Outcomes: Identify strategic considerations in the selection of data-centric projects to support learning * Describe the AI hierarchy of needs and how it can be used as a decision aid resourcing AI projects * Transfer lessons learned from projects showcased and apply them to local projects


  • Bart Pursel

    Chief Technology Officer, Unizin, Ltd.

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