Difficult but Doable: Using Virtual Reality to Educate - Sponsored learning space design and furniture provided by Steelcase Education, Gold Partner

Tuesday, January 30 | 4:15PM–5:00PM CT | Grand Ballroom - Bissonet, Third Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Hands-On Workshop
Virtual reality is slowly moving forward as an alternative for interactivity for instruction. Slowly, because in many cases the costs of having a VR experience in both time, money, and resources can be prohibitive for educators. So where can you start? This session will be a design and experience share about what to consider when both considering and using preexisting VR experiences for education or developing for your own classroom or audience. We are looking to have participants try some experiences that we will provide, but would welcome those who have their own headsets to bring along to share!

Outcomes: Differentiate between the affordances and drawbacks of high-end VR and those that require only smartphones * Appraise when best to use VR in an educational setting versus traditional means * Review previous designs using VR in education and use those designs to analyze how you could make your own experiences


  • Bryan Bortz

    Senior Media Specialist, University of Wisconsin System Administration
  • Ryan Martinez

    Instructional Designer, University of Wisconsin System Administration