ELI 2018 Leadership Seminar: Lead from Where You Are: 4 Proven Strategies to Unleash the Leader inside You, Part 3 (separate registration is required) - Sponsored by TRI-COR Industries

Tuesday, January 30 | 11:45AM–1:30PM CT | Galerie 1, Second Floor
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Leadership Seminar
In this session, you will leverage the concepts from the previous session, go deeper into the Cycle of Commitment, explore what it takes to ask the right questions, listen for genuine responses, and overcome barriers to action.

For additional details, please visit the Leadership Seminar webpage.

Outcomes: * Learn how to get teams to rally around shared commitments * Understand how and when to have the right conversations to gain commitment * Raise your standards for what you can expect from yourself and your team * Learn how to become a change agent in your school * Start to create a personal plan for taking this learning back to your school


  • David Hasenbalg

    President, Customized Solutions, LLC