Navigating the Higher Ed Innovator's Maze

Tuesday, January 30 | 1:45PM–2:30PM CT | Galerie 4-5, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
In the rapidly changing higher ed landscape, institutions are struggling to keep pace. Institutional culture and approach to innovation have major implications for an institution's ability to adapt and thrive. From our work and observations of institutions across the industry, there are two types of approaches to innovation that most college and universities take: stop gap (reactive) and future proof (proactive). The most successful institutions are innovating in a very intentional, strategic, and proactive way. We'll discuss best practices for driving an innovative culture, building processes to manage innovation, and structuring a university innovation team. A case study presentation will explore how Davidson is thinking about innovation from the lens of a traditional liberal arts institution.

Understand the difference between stop-gap and future-proof innovation * Learn best practices for promoting a culture of innovation * Learn best practices for building innovation processes and frameworks


  • Mike Berlin

    Principal Consultant, Entangled Solutions
  • Lauren Dibble

    Engagement Manager, Entangled Solutions
  • Kristen Eshleman

    Vice President of Library & Information Technology, Trinity College