Presentation Pair: Accessibility

Monday, January 29 | 3:00PM–3:45PM CT | Galerie 6, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation Pair
Adopting Accessibility through Cultural Shift: Creating Your Own Plan
As higher ed institutions continue to adopt web and course accessibility policies, it is essential to create and nurture a culture of understanding accessibility in context (of programs, colleges, universities, etc.), embrace accessibility as a priority, and focus on continuous improvement. In this presentation, we will share best practices developed and implemented at Michigan State University for accomplishing this culture shift and help you envision how you might do the same with faculty, staff, and students at your institution.

Outcomes: Learn about a successful accessibility policy implementation that focuses on culture change rather than technical components * Ponder how strategic initiatives and priorities on your campus can be tied to accessibility * Work collaboratively to create an accessibility culture shift implementation plan that leverages these existing priorities and places your unit on a path toward success

Designing a Syllabus Template That Meets Both University and Accessibility Requirements
This presentation will focus on the issue of accessibility in writing an effective syllabus. We will go over accessibility requirements as well as what we could do to meet those requirements and make the syllabus accessible in Microsoft Word. We will also discuss various ways of communicating with faculty in regards to the accessibility requirements of the syllabus to increase buy-in from the skeptics. We will focus on instructional designers as an audience.

Outcomes: Get tips and best practices for designing a well-organized and complete syllabus * Explore accessibility requirements for making an accessible syllabus * Identify strategies to work with faculty for designing an accessible and effective syllabus


  • Amy Janiczek

    Sr. Learning Experience Designer, Arizona State University
  • Scott Schopieray

    Assistant Dean for Academic and Research Technology, Michigan State University
  • Kate Sonka

    Assistant Director of Academic Technology, Michigan State University
  • Red Yuan

    Instructional Designer, The Pennsylvania State University

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