Presentation Pair: Supporting Student Success - Sponsored learning space design and furniture provided by Steelcase Education, Gold Partner

Monday, January 29 | 3:00PM–3:45PM CT | Grand Ballroom - Bissonet, Third Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation Pair
Leveraging Growth Mindset to Achieve Academic Success in All Students
Innovative pedagogies exist to achieve deeper learning in all students, but we see the learning outcomes of low‐performing students remain largely unaffected. We believe the explanation for this lies partly in students' mindsets. Fixed-mindset individuals believe that ability is innate and give up easily when encountering failure. Growth-mindset individuals believe that abilities can be developed and that failing is a normal part of learning. We believe that hard-working students who underachieve are struggling within a fixed mindset. In this session, we will share the impact of mindset on learning and ideas for small teaching changes that can promote growth mindsets.

Outcomes: Explore the differences between growth and fixed mindsets * Recognize the potential impact that growth and fixed mindsets have on student learning opportunities * Implement small but high-impact changes into instruction and pedagogy that promote growth mindset tendencies in students Navigating a Digital Program Portal Prototype: Users in the Spotlight
The EDUCAUSE vision for next generation digital learning environments aligned with the original vision for the online graduate program in learning and emerging technologies at SUNY, Empire State College. Five years after launch, the core team revisited the ways in which students engage in programmatic learning, as distinct from course-level delivery via an LMS. We'll share an overview of the key features of the program-level digital environment prototype that supports integrated learning and social exchanges throughout the arc of the graduate experience. We'll discuss our user-centered design process and student feedback, and invite audience participation in navigating the space from a user's perspective.

Outcomes: Discuss the UX design process used to develop a new digital program portal prototype * Role-play the interactive experience of learning activities within the programmatic prototype * Appraise the relevance of the prototype's design features for different program/institutional needs


  • Diane Gal

    Professor, SUNY Empire State University
  • Tom Mennella

    Associate Professor of Biology, Bay Path University
  • Princy Quadros Mennella

    Associate Professor and Neuroscience Program Director, Bay Path University

Resources & Downloads

  • Quadros Mennella Mennella Growth Mindset ELI2018 Slides

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  • academicimpressionscomHow to Encourage Academic Grit and a Growth Mindset in Your Students

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  • Gal Digital Program Portal Prototype ELI 2018 Session Supporting Student Success

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