Promoting Technical Subject Learning with Online Practice Labs

Tuesday, January 30 | 1:45PM–2:30PM CT | Galerie 2, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Learn how Simplilearn scaled from hundreds to thousands of students. Practice makes perfect. This adage is all the more true when it comes to learning technical content such as big data, IoT, and machine learning, where students need more than classroom training to become competent. In this session, we will use case studies to demonstrate how universities can use cloud-powered technical labs to help students apply their classroom learning to practice and perfect tech skills in a safe environment—anytime, anywhere and on any device. You'll also learn how we simplify the complexity of building and accessing the lab with the right infrastructure and packages.

Understand why practical learning of technical subjects such is beneficial * Identify how cloud labs fit in your university's academic toolkit * Simplified management of cloud labs


  • Tony Rylands

    VP, Sales Engineering, Corestack
  • Mike Stipe

Resources & Downloads

  • CoreStack CLaaS ELIPreso final v27

    1 MB, pdf - Updated on 1/27/2024