Uncovering Moments of Truth: A Hands-On Introduction to Touchpoint Mapping (separate registration is required)

Monday, January 29 | 8:00AM–11:00AM CT | Galerie 4-5, Second Floor
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Preconference Workshop
How can you get a comprehensive view of your program or service across multiple user types and dimensions? Touchpoint mapping is a technique that centers on interactions: all the ways (physical, digital, and interpersonal) that people “touch” a particular service or organization and, ultimately, how effective or valuable those are. The result is a powerful tool for organizing and sharing knowledge, identifying gaps or opportunities for engagement, and informing strategic decisions (about assessment/data collection, activity changes, and effort and resource prioritization). With this hands-on workshop, you'll be off and running in no time.

Outcomes: Explore what touchpoint mapping is and how it can be a useful tool for representing a program or service * Learn how touchpoint mapping complements other UX activities and can be a key component of an ongoing iteration and review process * Create your own touchpoint map and identify opportunities for analysis, research, and strategic decision making


  • Jean Cheng

    Program Manager, Academic Innovation Studio, University of California, Berkeley
  • Judy Stern

    User Experience Designer, University of California, Berkeley