Liberal Arts College Community Workshop (separate registration is required)

Monday, January 29 | 8:00AM–11:00AM CT | Galerie 2, Second Floor
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Preconference Workshop
Globally Networked Learning: What, When, Why, Where, and How? Collaborative online international learning, aka globally networked learning (GNL), is emerging as a means to leverage low-cost, robust, and user-friendly technologies to bring students from around the world together. Gone are the days when connecting students in real time via videoconferencing required a dedicated room and fancy equipment. And, GNL is not just for language learners and business students. All disciplines at universities large and small are discovering the transformative power of connecting students with their peers in other countries. You will leave the session with a draft GNL course plan and a GNL Course Design Guide.

Full conference registrants affiliated with a small liberal arts college are eligible to register for this workshop. Registrants staying through the Liberal Arts College Community Networking Meeting immediately to follow this workshop are also eligible for a box lunch.

Outcomes: Understand the technologies that are needed to support and implement a GNL course * Draft a plan for a GNL course, including an implementation timeline * Explore the pitfalls and challenges inherent in GNL and the competencies of the successful telecollaboration facilitator


  • Steve Foulke

    Professor of History, Ottawa University
  • Carine Ullom

    Associate Dean of Instructional Innovation, Ottawa University

Resources & Downloads

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