The Collaboratory: An Experiment in Rethinking the First-Year Experience in the Liberal Arts

Tuesday, January 30 | 4:15PM–5:00PM CT | Galerie 4-5, Second Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Discussion Circle
In partnership with instructional designers, four faculty members came together to design an experiment for a cohort of new students that reimagines the first semester at Davidson College. The experiment seeks to understand how an alternative model might optimally support student success through graduation. This Collaboratory design ( is part of Davidson's strategic innovation initiative, creating the space and time for experiments that intentionally push back against traditional institutional structures and assumptions. This presentation by a student, an instructional designer, and a faculty member will share the outcomes of this experiment.

Outcomes: Identify what parts of a boot camp model help students take advantage of their liberal arts experience * Implement strategies that help students succeed in the liberal arts * Leverage technologies that support a collaborative first-year approach


  • Jeremy Dean

    Vice President, Education, Hypothesis
  • Henry Flores Meza Flores

    Student, Davidson College
  • Sundi Richard

    Assistant Director for Digital Learning, Davidson College
  • Shelley Rigger

    Professor, Davidson College