Presenter Promotional Toolkit

Thank you for organizing and/or speaking at the NERCOMP Annual Conference. You are working hard to prepare for your session. We encourage you to spread the word about your session and the great work you are doing. Don’t forget to share this information with your networks and invite them to join you at your session at #NERCOMP24.

We have developed this Presenter Promotional Toolkit to help you in your efforts. You will also be receiving a number of dedicated marketing emails that you can easily personalize and send out to your networks. We're excited to see the increased success this will surely bring to your session!

Share on Social Media

Share the below posts on social media to spread the word that you are participating!

General Social Media

I am excited and honored to participate as a presenter at #NERCOMP24. Join me on [Date/time] for my presentation! Learn more by checking out my session [Link to the session].

Be Personal! It's also important to share why your presentation is important to you and/or why your friends and peers would be interested in the presentation.

I'm excited to announce that I'll be presenting a NERCOMP 2024 Annual Conference Session on [TOPIC]. [WHY THEY SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION]. To join me, visit the NERCOMP Annual Conference Schedule and register!


I'm looking forward to sharing my work on [TOPIC] with as many attendees as possible from across the field. Learn more and register on the NERCOMP Annual Conference website.


Update Your Email Signature. Use your email signature to share your status as a presenter for NERCOMP 2024.

I'm presenting a NERCOMP 2024 Annual Conference Session! Join me on [Date/time] for my presentation, [Name of the Session].

Tips on Promoting Your Session on Social Media

  • Start your promotion as soon as possible. This will help build interest and lead to greater exposure for you by the time of the event.
  • Include #hashtags, including the conference hashtag #NERCOMP24 in your social media posts and session slides/materials.
  • Cross-promote with other presenters. Are you presenting with others? Are you part of a panel?
  • Follow NERCOMP's Social Media Channels, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Use multimedia. Use slides, pictures, and video, especially during the session. The more visually interesting you can make your posts the more effective it will be for you.
  • Have conversations and make connections. Use your own voice in your posts, and be sure to reply to others as well. You can build connections with your social media followers before and after your presentation.