Write a Proposal

Your Guide to Writing a Successful Conference Proposal

1. Examine the event itself.  What are the major themes? Who attends this conference? Is there an online audience? Explore the event as you consider your own potential to make an impact. How will your experiences or institutional demographic add value to this event?

2. Review resources the Presenter Concierge recommends. Learn more about what constitutes a quality proposal. Identify creative strategies that will help set yours apart.

3. Spend some time brainstorming your session before you begin writing. What will be your key take-aways? How can you actively involve participants? Will you present face-to-face, online, or both? How does your audience impact your session plan?

4. Draft your proposal. Complete each section thoughtfully. Provide supporting materials and citations where appropriate.  Spell check!  Request feedback from a knowledgeable colleague or experienced presenter. Keep in mind that stated learning outcomes and session abstract will factor into  both proposal reviewer evaluations and session evaluations.

5. Update your EDUCAUSE profile. Don't underestimate the power in your profile. Be sure your title and contact information are correct. Include relevant professional experiences. Your expertise in this subject area is important to proposal reviewers as well as participants attending your session.

6. Copy and paste content from your document into the online CFP form. Double-check details and format. Click Submit. That’s it, for now!

If your proposal is accepted, you'll find the Presenter Concierge helpful for each of the next steps: designing, delivering or facilitating a session and leveraging your hard work.