Earn Credits toward Your Certifications

You can claim credits for your privacy and security certifications when you participate in the Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference.

Participants can earn:

  • Up to 15 hours of CPE credits by attending in-person and workshop sessions

We have listed the most common information security and privacy accrediting organizations below. You must self-report your CPE credits earned to your credentialing organization. EDUCAUSE does not report earned CPE credits on your behalf. Keep your registration receipt as evidence of your attendance at this event in case you are audited by your credentialing organization. Please note that EDUCAUSE does not provide a printed certificate of attendance for the Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Conference.

Accrediting Organizations

(ISC)2 — Self-report attendance through the (ISC)2 website and provide appropriate documentation. Visit the (ISC)2 FAQ page for more about CPE inquiries.

IAPP — Self-report attendance through the IAPP website using the CPE application form and provide appropriate supporting documentation. Why certify with the IAPP?

ISACA — Self-report attendance through the ISACA website and provide supporting appropriate documentation. How to report and earn ISACA CPE.

GIACRead more about GIAC certifications.