Course Discussion Boards: Using Data to Inform Teaching

Tuesday, March 27 | 4:30PM–5:15PM ET | Room 551
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
How can discussion boards inform teaching strategies? The analytics we use, and the way we interpret them, can differ, depending on the goals of the course. This session will explore how learning about the ways students interact with the assignment helps inform subsequent instructional design decisions. How does the size of the group impact student engagement patterns? Are discussion boards more interactive if the students write in a first-person or informal voice? LMS data for example courses, and subsequent instructional design decisions within these courses, will be presented and discussed.

Outcomes: Identify 2–3 teaching strategies that can be informed by LMS discussion board data * Practice using LMS data to draw conclusions about instruction * Identify teaching questions that can be explored using LMS discussion board data


  • Erin DeSilva

    Senior Director, Learning Design and Innovation, Dartmouth College

Resources & Downloads

  • DeSilva LMS data

    4 MB, pdf - Updated on 1/21/2024