Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids: Civilization-Level Change in the World's Educational Paradigm - Sponsored by Convergent

Tuesday, March 27 | 9:30AM–10:45AM ET | Ballroom D/E
Session Type: General Session
Delivery Format: General Session
As the world moves quickly into a "human + technology" era, a new civilization-level educational paradigm is emerging—bottom-up—around the world. "Empowered" students are changing the definition of education from personal academic achievement to greater empowerment to better their world. This new kind of education is replacing much of our traditional teaching at all levels, from kindergarten to college. Through real world-improving projects, its goal is bettering the world while benefiting individuals indirectly in the process. In this talk, Prensky will detail this emerging new paradigm, discuss where and why it's appearing, explain why it's so important for tomorrow's kids, and show us how we can all get there.


  • Marc Prensky

    Founder, The Global Future Education Foundation