Planning for the Future: Workday Technology

Tuesday, March 27 | 2:00PM–2:45PM ET | Room 550
Session Type: Breakout Session
As Workday continues to evolve as a service supporting higher education, we see innovation and disruption that must extend beyond record-keeping. A compelling user interface is expected; seamless integration beyond the institution must be straightforward; and data must be trustworthy, secure, and accessible. We will discuss the evolution of the Workday service and platform, highlighting the use of Planning and Prism Analytics along with the incorporation of machine learning, to drive better decision-making and institutional direction.
Outcomes: Learn how cloud analytics can help you engage, analyze, and act on your data in a single system with a common user experience and a frictionless path to action * Discover why forward-thinking institutions like Bentley have selected Workday * Learn about the evolution of Workday to drive better institutional decision-making 


  • Ravi Ravishanker

    CIO & Associate Provost, Wellesley College
  • Dan Wesley

    CTO - North America, Workday
  • Bob Wittstein