The Effect of Video and Active Learning on Student Engagement and Outcomes at the University of Ottawa

Wednesday, March 28 | 9:30AM–10:15AM ET | Room 550
Session Type: Breakout Session
The University of Ottawa has a long-standing history of leveraging lecture capture to support student learning, but starting in 2014, faculty began to use active learning techniques, in addition to video, to engage students. This shift created a multitude of new use cases for video platform technology, including flipped classroom, collaborative learning, video libraries, formative assessment, and more. In this session, we will look at student engagement data from several use cases and then turn to resident expert, Colin Montpetit, who will share his reflections on the impact of Echo360 technology in his courses in particular and more broadly at the university.
Outcomes: Understand the impact of and potential need for a smarter video platform at the institution level * Appreciate how video can be coupled with student engagement strategies for learning gains * Understand how analytics can be leveraged to inform teaching and learning 


  • Colin Montpetit

    Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa