Policies and Permissions

Registration Payment and Cancellation

Payment for the full amount of the registration fee must be made at the time of registration.

Cancellations received on or before February 12 are entitled to a full conference refund; there will be no refunds after this date.

Recording, Streaming, and Photography

Because all presentations and associated materials are the presenters' intellectual property, you MUST obtain the presenters' permission to record or stream their session or activity in any medium (including, but not limited to Periscope, Meerkat, and YouTube). Recording/streaming for commercial purposes is allowed only with prior written permission from both EDUCAUSE and the presenter(s). EDUCAUSE reserves the right to ask any participant to move within or to leave a session venue if their use of technology is disruptive to presenters or other participants.

Please Note: By attending the conference, participants have agreed to the terms of the EDUCAUSE Image/Audio/Video Release Form, which allows images, audio, and video recorded on site to be used for educational and promotional purposes. Contact [email protected] with questions.

Event Conduct Expectations

All conference or event attendees are governed by their organization's code of conduct or sexual harassment policies. EDUCAUSE staff are governed by the EDUCAUSE code of conduct:

EDUCAUSE is committed to maintaining a safe, non-threatening work environment which encourages mutual respect, promotes congenial relationships and is free from all forms of intimidation or violence. We take every incident of workplace violence and harassment seriously. EDUCAUSE prohibits employees from engaging in any act, either on Association premises or during the performance of work-related duties including during attendance at conferences and events. EDUCAUSE employees must not engage in intimidation, threats, hostile behaviors, physical abuse, vandalism, or other such acts, which, in EDUCAUSE management’s opinion, are inappropriate to the work environment.

Employees who experience, observe, or have knowledge of threatening behavior are expected to immediately report this to management within EDUCAUSE. Employees are to directly contact proper law enforcement authorities if they believe a serious threat exists to the welfare of themselves or others. Retaliation against employees who report such risks will not be tolerated.

Event Age Restriction

During all active operating hours of the EDUCAUSE event, no one under 16 years of age will be permitted to attend sessions, visit the exhibit hall (if one is offered—including move-in and move-out times) or allowed in the conference venue unless that person is a student presenter, is a registered participant, and is accompanied by an adult chaperone. Strollers or infant carriers (worn or carried) are not permitted at any time in any applicable exhibit hall or event sessions.

These policies are strictly enforced, apply to all attendees including exhibitors and media, and are without exception. EDUCAUSE reserves the right to request proof of age from anyone at any time and to revoke a badge or deny attendance of any registered participants.

This policy is in effect to address safety/liability concerns as well as to ensure the EDUCAUSE event is an exceptional professional development and learning opportunity for its participants and those who have a vested interest in the content and learning taking place. Additionally, as sessions are frequently at capacity, this policy helps ensure that paid attendees have access to event content to the fullest extent possible.