Institutional Policy Development for AI Generative Tools in Teaching and Learning (separate registration is required)

Monday, March 27 | 1:00PM–5:00PM ET | Room 551
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Preconference Workshop

While ChatGPT is the first, it won't be the last AI generative tool that impacts teaching and learning in higher education. How can institutions intentionally respond to these new tools in ways that reflect the reality of their presence while also speaking to concerns about demonstrating learning? This session will start with a case study focused on how College Unbound developed, launched, and will iterate on its student-centered policy on the use of AI generative tools in teaching and learning environments. From there, we will have a series of conversations, breakouts, and workshopping around how institutional representatives can develop, co-create, and advocate for policies that engage in thoughtful consideration of the possibilities and the problems posed by the rise of AI generative tools as related to teaching and learning. 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify practices & concerns of AI Generative tools for teaching and learning
  2. Develop policy considerations around the usage of AI Generative Tools from the lenses of communication, instructional design, pedagogy, research, and information science
  3. Contribute to policy recommendations for the use of AI Generative Tools for communication, instructional design, pedagogy, research, and information science

Please note: This workshop is for institutional attendees only.


  • Esther Brandon

    Manager of Learning Design & Technology Adoption, Harvard University
  • Lance Eaton

    Director of Faculty Development & Innovation, College Unbound
  • Steadfast Fast

    Student, College Unbound
  • Dana Gavin

    Director of the Writing Center, Dutchess Community College
  • Suleima Lopes

    Student, College Unbound
  • Veronica Machado

    Student/Leader/Educator, College Unbound
  • Allison Papini

    Assistant Director/ Manager of Research and Instruction Services, Bryant University
  • Molly Scavuzzo-Duggan

    Student, College Unbound