Lunch and Roundtable Discussions - Sponsored by GreyCastle Security

Tuesday, March 28 | 12:15PM–1:15PM ET | East and West Prefunction & Rotunda
Session Type: Meal
Delivery Format: Meal

We invite you to join colleagues for a lunchtime roundtable discussion, where you can network with those who share similar interests or responsibilities and discuss topics of particular interest to you. A conference attendee will host each roundtable and facilitate the discussion. These sessions are designed to encourage you to exchange experiences and insights with colleagues. No reservations are required— just head over to the Rotunda and grab a seat at the Topic Table of your choice. Additional lunch tables will be available if you would like to eat and network informally.

Please note: These tables are reserved for participants from educational institutions.


1. Canvas: Join us to talk about all things Canvas, including accessibility, client experience, student experience, tips, tools, tricks, what's new, and what's on the horizon.

Facilitator:  Juli Haugen

 2. AI/CHATGPT: Are you freaking out about AI? Are you super excited about AI but everyone around you is having an existential crisis? Do you not understand why this is a big deal? Come talk about these questions and more!

Facilitators: Rachel Schnepper, Edlira Stefani, and Deborah Saks

3. Extended Reality (XR) in Higher Education: We’ll share experiences on the rapidly changing landscape of VR/AR technologies and content; and opportunities for shared community development.

Facilitator: Randy Rode

4. Collaborative Course Design Conversations: Join your fellow course design collaborators in a discussion about the successes and challenges of creating an engaging and meaningful course. Many people contribute to the creative process and it's important (and fun) to come together to share ideas and experiences.

Facilitators: Stephanie Payzant, Alexis Muscaro, Teri Thomas

5. NERCOMP Professional Development: How Does It Support You? Join us for a conversation about ways to engage with NERCOMP PD programs and discuss how NERCOMP can support you as a learner, presenter, or member of our committee.

Facilitators: Robin Robinson and Amy Schack

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