Preparing Your Institution for Emerging Email Threats

Tuesday, March 28 | 4:00PM–4:45PM ET | Room 553
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: Presentation or Panel Session

Traditional cybersecurity infrastructure can’t stop new and emerging threats, particularly in the email channel, and cybercriminals are constantly changing their methods to stay one step ahead. Your staff and students are continuously being targeted, and you must protect them from these attacks, often ones that have never been seen before. Fortunately, there are insights you can use to protect your institution. At this session, Andrew Weisskopf, CISO of University of Delaware, will discuss strategies for staying ahead of the ever-changing email threat landscape. Hear how cybercriminals change their methods to create new, never-before-seen threats; learn tactics that can be used to block emerging threats before they reach your staff and students; and find out what you can do today to protect your institution from new, high-risk threats.


  • Andy Weisskopf

    Chief Information Security Officer, Michigan State University

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    Updated on 3/21/2023