So, You Want to Be a CISO? A Nerd's Journey from the Technology Deck to the Captain's Chair

Thursday, April 12 | 2:20PM–3:20PM ET | Watertable Ballroom AB, Fifth Floor
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
In this session, I will describe my personal journey from a hard-core technologist to CISO, covering lessons I've learned along the way, skills I've had to develop and use, and ideas for aspiring CISOs among the technical crew. Five years ago, I was tearing apart packets and building boxes with blinking lights on them. Now, I find myself presenting to the board. I will attempt to explain, to the best of my understanding, how this happened, what contributed to it, and what the biggest surprises have been along the way.

Outcomes: Learn the skills that technical professionals need to develop in order to develop into CISOs * Consider whether this is a path you want to pursue * Understand what you can do right now to get started becoming a CISO


  • Christian Hamer

    CISO, Harvard University

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