Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast: Transformation of Culture through IT

Thursday, November 01 | 9:45AM–11:15AM MT
Session Type: Breakout Session
What does it really take to successfully lead, implement, and deliver enterprise IT within an organization? Join leadership from the University of California, California State University, and Central Oregon Community College as these IT professionals share their strategies and experience on building organizational and cultural readiness for successful integration of IT in diverse higher education environments. Participants will engage in dialogue and activities that promote networking and thoughtful exchange on the challenges of technology innovation.

Outcomes: 1. Assess organizational readiness and identify organizational conditions and strategies that contribute to successful implementation and sustainability of enterprise IT. 2. Understand the critical role that culture plays in an organization and learn practical examples of cultivating culture. 3. Actively share and engage with other technologists and leaders regarding the successes and challenges of technology readiness. Develop a technology readiness checklist for their own institution.