Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum

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The Workforce of the Future

The Diana G Oblinger Innovation Forum is dedicated to exploring technology’s ever-evolving role in higher education as reflected in emerging trends, innovations, leadership practices, and business models. The 2018 Forum will focus on the Workforce of the Future, and how technology is shaping future workplaces and workers, with particular emphasis on the role higher education can best play to prepare the future workforce.

Forum conversations will include:
  • Industry, education, and technology leaders’ reflections and predictions | The Workforce of the Future
    (Presenters: Michele Norris, The Race Card Project; Lois Brooks, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Waded Cruzado, Montana State University; Laura Ipsen, Ellucian; Karen Stout, Achieving the Dream)

  • A session exploring how technology is changing the nature of teaching and learning | Re-Wiring for the Future
    (Presenter: Michele Dickinson, “Shaping learning of the future: Technology reshaping teaching, the way students learn, and preparing them to use tech after graduation.”)

  • An exploration of the digital business transformations that are re-shaping industries and institutions | How to Scale Beyond Pretty Prototypes
    (Presenter: Kristin Moyer, Gartner)

  • Detecting and removing bias from the artificial intelligence and algorithms that are helping shape workforce and learning futures | The Bias Truth of AI Models
    (Presenter: Teddy Benson, Disney)

  • Students’ responses to the Forum conversations, their hopes for higher education as it prepares them for their future careers and lives, and their thoughts about the role technology should play | We Are the Workforce of the Future
    (Presenters: Joseph Garcia, Colorado Community College System; Kimberly Dalton, Northern Arizona University; Maddie Geeson, Colorado School of Mines; Edgar Guajardo, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Christian Hernandez, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Arianna Montero-Colbert, Davidson College)