Confronting the Cultural Roadblocks to a Data-Informed Culture: Data Literacy and Data Denial

Wednesday, October 31 | 9:45AM–11:15AM MT | Mile High Ballroom 1E/F, Ballroom Level
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
In this joint session, two public institutions will discuss their strategies and lessons learned in building consensus, addressing resistance, and creating data-informed & data-literate cultures that reach across all levels of user. Sophisticated data reporting tools and robust analytics are most valuable when they are used by people who have a shared and high degree of understanding of the data, but getting to a place of shared governance and consensus can be challenging. Along with exploring the experiences and insights from the universities, this session will offer attendees the opportunity to learn tactical and conversational skills to navigate roadblocks and make the most of potential collaborations. Oregon State University: Institutional Analytics & Data-Literacy: How do you build a centralized and mission-focused data culture in a highly decentralized structure? Part 1 of this session will provide an overview of how the institution leveraged shared governance, reorganization, community engagement, and education to start to change the narrative and culture around data. Presenters will offer strategies and research-based approaches with a particular emphasis on the role that data literacy plays in encouraging effective data-informed decision making. University of Tennessee - Chattanooga: Confronting the Cultural Roadblocks to a Data-Informed Culture: Changing the narrative around data from compliance to empowerment poses many cultural challenges and potential roadblocks, but is critical to the effective use of the information. Shared governance and a strong understanding of how to use the information to achieve success are key to the adoption and implementation of robust analytics and decision support tools. Presenters will describe their experience and tactics to help an institution reach this shared vision and overcome data-denial to move toward a success-minded data culture. Session will conclude with an interactive segment that includes tactical approaches, tips for implementing strategies, and Q&A.

Outcomes: Critically reflect on opportunities to build and support a robust data-informed decision-making culture * Identify relevant strategies to overcome barriers to shared governance of data and improve the effective use of data and analytics across your institution * Practice skills to overcome conversational roadblocks and embrace collaborative opportunities


  • Michael Hansen

    CDO, Oregon State University
  • Chrysanthemum Hayes

    Associate Director, Decision Support, Oregon State University
  • Rodger Patience

    Director and Faculty Member, EAB
  • David Rausch

    Associate Dean, College of Health, Education, and Professional Studies, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Resources & Downloads

  • Confronting Cultural Roadblocks to a Datainformed Culture Data Literacy and Data Denial

    Updated on 11/26/2019
  • Data Literacy Strategy Tips_Worksheet and References

    Updated on 11/26/2019