Dx: Digital Transformation for Higher Education

Wednesday, October 31 | 2:30PM–3:15PM MT | Mile High Ballroom 4C/D, Ballroom Level
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
The many recent advances in information technology have reshaped products, services, and professions, as well as the way we live our daily lives. Higher education is no exception to the impact of IT, although in many ways our industry has remained relatively insulated. No longer. Higher education leaders are beginning to recognize the opportunities digital transformation affords to improve student outcomes, transform teaching, learning, and research, and foster new business models. Yet the concept is vague, the potential outcomes uncertain, and the actual work of digital transformation a black box. Learn about the cultural, technological, and workforce shifts that are entailed. Visit the near future through examples of innovations already underway on campuses throughout the nation.