LIFT: A Library-Instructional Technology Program for First-Generation Students

Wednesday, October 31 | 4:15PM–5:00PM MT | Board 406, Poster Area, Exhibit Hall B-E
Session Type: Poster Session
The LIFT program matches first-generation students with librarians/technologists at a national liberal arts college. Since 2013, information literacy and audiovisual production are the campus frame for cohort and mentor relationships with incoming at-risk students. LIFT involves mobile devices, digital reflection assignments, and off-campus May term programs in Montreal and Hawaii.

Outcomes: Explore a program model to link library and instructional technology with diversity and inclusion * Identify campus partners who could help achieve a local implementation of the LIFT program * Discuss this program as an example of transformative learning with at-risk students based on information literacy and digital mobile technology use


  • Neal Baker

  • Jose Pareja

    Science, Technology Learning Specialist, Earlham College